Impression: Screen Printing Workshop

After our screen printing induction last week we were to create a positive that we could use to print from this week. The positive had to come from our notes from the induction so I drew a screen printing squeegee.

As there were about ten of us we were put into pairs and put both of our images onto a screen to save some time. It was really refreshing going over the process without Damian being there but it did leave me really frustrated when putting the emulsion on the screen as Damian makes it look so easy when in reality it’s a tricky thing to get right.

Other than that hiccup the only thing that took us a bit of time to get right was the ink as the first tub of paint was very watery (as shown below) but once we started mixing other coloured into it, it thickened up the ink and began printing properly. In the future though I wouldn’t print a line drawing as I really loved everyone’s pieces who used a lot of colour as it just really popped and would have been interesting to experiment with the ink.

Something else which me and Katherine experimented with was the actual paper stock, we ended up printing on scraps to get some interesting results. I would really like to experiment with layering in the future.

Print by Hannah Phillips

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