CIP: Book, Contents & Edit

Before our CIP session this week we were to think about layout design, book content and design ideas from Alan Fletcher.

I hunted through my books and picked out ‘Typography Sketchbooks‘ to analyse – and if you haven’t seen the book I would recommend it to discover some amazing designers and their sketchbooks.

  • Text: Limited text as it is showcasing work, when there is though it is kept usually to one column do the work isn’t overpowered by type.
  • Image: High quality sketchbook scans, finished work and progress shots. Much of the time images take up the whole page.
  • Layout: Great grids used throughout the book, layouts need grids!
  • Space: There isn’t much white space in this book whereas most design books do, I think whitespace is something I want to use in my own portfolio book.

Looking at Alan Fletcher’s way of compiling a book has made me think about how spreads work in context with a storyboard as this helps think about a physical book rather than the PDF documents that you would work on.

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