Hothouse Talk: Sofia Clausse

After a few technical difficulties, we got round to this week’s Hothouse Talk with Sofia Clausse, a graphic designer from Portugal, who studied in the UK and US, and who is currently living in London to work with Google Creative Lab.

She graduated from the RISD Graphic Design program in 2014, and has since worked for Nike and Google. When telling us how she got into Nike after studying, Sofia said it was her personal projects she was doing outside of set projects that actually caught Nike’s attention. Personal projects are definitely something I need to work on over the summer.

Sofia Clausse at London Met | 2017

Sofia’s work is mainly typography based and I found it extremely interesting how she experiments and manipulates letterforms in a completely different way to a type designer. Below is an image from her zine that had an alphabet created using an algorithm to manipulate the forms and it was actually still recognisable.

Page from one of Sofia’s projects.

To check out more of her work take a look at her website here.

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