Impression: Screen Printing Covers

For the development of the cover we tried to formulate a design that could work with screen print as our aim is to hand produce all 300 covers. By using the screen printing method each cover would be slightly different when the paint is pulled through the screen and we felt that this would make our pitch stand out from the other teams.

Our first route for the cover design was an ‘ink spill’. This was something we really liked when researching cover designs. This was something that I felt would look pretty cool screen printed as we were going to put two coloured inks on the screen and pull it to mix the colours. As it is a large space, there would be a lot of texture on the page which I loved the idea for. Ee and Maria also created variations and more finalised designs but we felt that there was a disconnect between this design and the inside illustrations.

Sketch Idea by Hannah Phillips

Ee then started developing a typographic cover design, there are a few examples of this below. We all really liked the design with the bars which reminded us of some of our design research. Then we had the idea of using 6 bars to represent the 6 sections of writing in the anthology, so Maria and Ee played around with the type and angles of the bars.

Draft Covers by Ee Zin Teh

There was also a need to keep these bars thick enough that it would be worth screen printing and below shows some development of this idea. I think this was our most simple idea and the most effective for the reasoning that it ties in with the illustrations and is substantial enough to hold its own against the screw binding.

Final Cover Designs

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