It’s F•cking Drawing: Session One

This Tuesday kicked off the first ‘It’s F•cking Drawing’ session. With the studio numbers low today this meant there were only four of us in but it was a fun session where we did some drawing and brainstormed ideas for the future.

Basically these sessions are for both illustrators and whoever just wants to draw more in the Vis Com cluster. So we as a group are going to run our own workshops and mini briefs every week for the rest of the year to encourage more illustration that could help feed into our studio sessions as well.

We spent the session in 2 minute poses for each other. This was to enable everyone to get a chance to draw a pose, anatomy and clothing in a short space of time in order to learn to pick out what was most important, and to fit in as much drawing as possible.

Zara modelling for our group

For myself I found that poses that had a focus on hands took me ages and I couldn’t finish them as I was trying to draw this accurately. I also found that I allowed my hand to move better with a sharpie fabric pen I was using because it had a brush tip and this meant I was looser and less precious with drawing.

A section of drawings from today’s session

At the start of the session we had a little discussion about mini hour briefs, so we’re not giving ourselves more work than we already have. I had already been thinking about creating zines or a publication (Impression Studio so the thought was going to cross my mind) to partner with these sessions. So at the end of the session Sam and myself chose one sheet from everyone’s work to scan in and use for this idea.

Myself drawn by Rhiannon

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