CIP: Collection Content

Arguably, the most important part of the Collection project is the content of our portfolio books. This means that before I start designing the book and layouts I need to sort out what I want to include.

There are something things that have to be included in our content but then there are also some other bits that I really want to include. I have made a list of what I aim to include in my book and while I am developing my ideas further I’m hoping I can expand this list.

  • Introduction
  • Contents
  • Studio Impression Identity | Research, Development & Outcome
  • Publishing Unbound | Research, Development & Outcome
  • Mini Monograph | Research, Development & Outcome
  • Anthology| Research, Development & Outcome
  • Pastiche 1560 | Research, Development & Outcome
  • Market Ready | Research, Development & Outcome
  • Kickstarter| Research, Development & Outcome
  • It’s Fucking Drawing
  • CCS Case Study
  • Hothouse Talks (3)
  • Thought of the Week (3)
  • BTS Photographs

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