CIP: The Art of the Cover

This week we’re focusing on the cover for our collection/portfolio book and primarily if we are going to use illustration. Considering I’m studying illustration this question really has me stumped because my body of work in my book will mostly be design and more graphic than illustrative.

When I come to produce the cover of my book it’s going to be a tough decision. On one hand I would love to illustrate it but I don’t know what story I’m trying to tell with my book. Maybe this will come to me further through the develop of ideas. So for now I’ve just been exploring the Central Illustration Agency to get some inspiration for cover design. I love looking at agencies and the CIA is one I’ve admired in the past because everyone’s work is so different and so beautiful.

Below are a few books from the CIA’s blog posts that I really liked, all for different reasons and all of them I felt I could take or test out different elements. The first book’s cover is split up into 3 images and I feel like this way I could include illustration alongside other things that will be in my portfolio as it would better represent it. The second book is completely hand drawn, from the image to the type and as type is something I’ve really enjoyed playing around with this year and last, I think this would be cool way to represent two things I really enjoy. Finally the last book is included because it’s really bold with the bright images and contrasting stark white type. Although I’m not sure how best this would fit in with my work at this moment in time, I think it’s a route I could sketch up at least to see how it could work.

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