CIP: Cover Experimentation

Today we took part in a workshop to generate cover ideas, while actually in the workshop I struggled to get my teeth into the idea as it was broken down into tasks I didn’t enjoy. Since this however, I have read everyone’s blog posts reflecting on the workshop and seen other outcomes which has helped me see the value of today.

Experiment Page by Hannah Phillips

The first thing we were to do was create a range of patterns and textures with materials we brought in, my chosen medium was ink and pen. I filled up a number of pages with scribbles and ink strokes. We were then to take this over to our mock up cover designs. Where I had spent my time filling up the pages with as many different patterns as possible I didn’t really have anything solid to work with. I’ve really liked everyone’s outcomes with this workshop so I think I’m going to try and work at it for more cover designs.

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