CIP: Animation App

With coming away from the idea of paper puppets and Mary Blair I needed to find a way to animate in quite a basic form. Afterall I didn’t think I’d make a Disney ready animation during the project but with the right application I was confident I could produce a video I was happy with.

I downloaded a range of apps to begin with and tested them out a little, but I ended up sticking with one which used onion skins. Onion skinning is a technique used in creating animated cartoons and editing movies to see several frames at once. This way, the animator can make decisions on how to create or change an image based on the previous image.

Onion Skin Layer Example | Hannah Phillips | 2017

While creating a video in the app I came across one of my first problems. The undo and delete button were way too close together and I ended up deleting my first video which had taken me a few hours. Another issue I found was if you moved from one page to the next you couldn’t then go back to the page before and until lines. This meant that I would do a few lines per page move to the next and previous to make sure it was working and then continue.

When it came to playing back the pages I found that when I drew on over 50 slides it would then freeze on playback. To get around this I would have to manually move the frames and then record the iPad screen when it is connected to my MacBook – and with the help of my brother.

The app I was using wasn’t perfect, not by a longshot, but what do you expect with a free app on the app store! I could however use this to get the results I wanted and needed for this project.

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