CIP: First Draft Video

The first video I have created using the animation app has become my first draft because truthly I didn’t think through the storyboard properly..

When creating an animation one of the things that should be considered is how many slides make up the 15 to 60 seconds! To begin with my text was purely going to be ‘Hannah’ and maybe her surname too but when I then came to animate it, it didn’t take up enough time so I had to then throw more into the video. This left a really disjointed video and while I was happier with this outcome than the paper puppets, it still needed pushing further.

While not my final video it helped me get to grips with the app a little more and also helped with the process of the final edit. I found that once I recorded my iPad screen through Quick Time, I then had to crop the screen down to remove the border on the top and bottom of the screen. After this I had to shorten the video slightly because I had left the video recording for longer than needed be. So I think the first draft really helped move my project along.

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