Impression: Absolute Beginners

For my individual response I have been given Kashta Wallace’s ‘The Teen Epic of Absolute Beginners’ which is an essay reviewing Colin MacInnes’s portrayal of the new, financially enfranchised teenagers, their rejection of the values of their parents and their refusal of the broader racism of society, and shows their creation of a new society, accepting of racial and sexual differences, in the musical and cultural fusion of Soho and the West End.

Part of my research process has been visual. I’ve found images from the 1950s, which I hope are representative of the changing times in London; from Mods and Rockers to Teddy Boys to immigration and sexual liberation and everything in between. As well as visual research I have been compiling terms and subjects that I can look at further:

  • Notting Hill Race Riots
  • Pimlico
  • Consumerism
  • Brighton
  • Race
  • Jazz
  • Fashion
  • Sub Culture
  • Teenagers
  • Soho
  • Places and Postcodes
Sketchbook Scan from Hannah Phillips

At this point my ideas are to represent different places both in London (Notting Hill) and Brighton (Mods v Rockers) as maps that are typographic as well as illustrative. As well as or to also bring to life different characters in either the book or just the time period.

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