It’s F•cking Drawing: Session Two

Last week was Celebration Week so we didn’t have the chance to put together our second session of It’s F•cking Drawing, but with the studios free this week we could. Unfortunately the free studios were down to not many people being in due to independent study so we had another small group.

As we had received an email in the morning from Susanna with a live brief we decided to work on during the session. I thought this was a pretty good idea as I wouldn’t have even thought about the email if I had gone home to work on my studio projects.

We are looking for an illustrator/artist to illustrate a children’s book. The book is aimed at 7-10 year olds and is an information book rather than a story book. The style we are hoping for is Owen Davy meets Lichtenstein. Graphic with a textural feel, in good colours. This is the first book in a series. There will also be training materials,  online projects, apps and promotional materials. More specific information about the book and the fee will be given on application. We would like to see 3 examples of your artwork, know where you are based and a brief paragraph about why you would like to specifically illustrate for children.

By the end of the session we all had starting points to then develop further in the week and to then regroup with next Tuesday.

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