CIP: Natasha Jen at Pentagram

This week we were looking at Pentagram, who are the world’s largest independent design consultancy. The firm is owned and run by 21 partners, and from these partners we were to look at six of them and choose one to write about. 

Natasha Jen is from Taiwan and studied graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. Prior to establishing her own studio Njenworks in 2010, Jen worked at Base Design, 2×4, and Stone Yamashita Partners as senior designer and art/creative director. She joined Pentagram as partner in 2012.

Her work is developed in various medias and she draws from a diverse range of cultural, historical, aesthetic, and technological sources, creating a unique and precise body of work encompassing brand identities, environmental design, multi-scale exhibitions, signage systems, print, motion and interactive graphics.

LOROD Brand Design by Natasha Jen

One of the projects she has worked on with Pentagram is with fashion brand LOROD. Their products are timeless basics with modern, modular construction, distinctive fabrics and vintage-inspired chic. The LOROD logotype is customized from Austin Bold, a modern serif with a touch of the 1970s. The first “O” in the name is tipped slightly, a hint at the unexpected details in the clothes. The Pentagram team developed a visual language that features cut-out graphic shapes, a reference to the construction of the garments, which uses alternative pattern-making techniques.

Visit Natasha’s profile on Pentagram here and view the header image here.

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