CIP: Story Development

After realising I needed to find a theme or element of Hannah’s work to create a storyboard for my Pastiche 1560 video I went through my sketchbook research and it dawned on me how my video should have been progressing.

Hannah Davies lives by the sea and takes inspiration from nature and the patterns that it holds; I have always been drawn to the image below. So I knew that the video should show the influence of nature on Hannah’s work. I took elements of the swirling waves into my storyboard as I think the movement of the waves work really well to transition between images and text.

This meant my storyboard now started with ‘Hannah Davies’ and then had the waves moving across the screen. I also thought about including some fish or a whale within the swirls in order to recreate this piece (below) in my own way. After this the screen would read ‘Hannah Davies & the influence of nature’ and then wash away with the waves.

Buildings & Landscapes | Hannah Davies

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