Impression: Anthology Response Crit

I had to take a break from drawing a naked human for a little while in order to have a short crit with Angharad on my individual response to my given text.

Basically I spoke about my possible routes:

  • Illustrate different characters from the book and of the time period.
  • Zine of the illustrations.
  • Map of drawing and typography inspired from the letterpress session I had.

Looking at my visual research and areas I was talking about, Angharad suggested creating a zine that would have been used by the teens of the 1950s as I had a piece of research that was from a magazine, the page was a quiz ‘Are you a mod or rocker?’. I really love this idea because I can use illustration, photography, typography and layout all in one outcome. I think that’s perfect because my research has brought me across some beautifully rich visuals which I think would be a shame to leave only in my sketchbook. So the next stage for me is to work out what would be included in this ‘zine/magazine’ by selecting an audience, whether that is mods, rockers or other teens.

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