Impression: Anthology Groups Phase 2

A few weeks ago we all pitched our Anthology proposals to Trevor, Angharad and Alistair. They decided that Team 2 and 4 would have elements of our/their design brought forward and created into a workable model.

Today we were placed into different groups with various roles, this is to be able to bring the anthology book to life along with the launch exhibition and the promotion for both of these.

  • Project Management | Myself & Hannah
  • Design | Maria, Finn, Billy & Silvia
  • Exhibition | Puro, Cameron, Hussein, Katherine & Indre
  • Promotion | Ee, Jubedha, Ellie, Shalini & John

I’m really looking forward to working as a project manager on this task because it allows us to help out in each of the groups, keep everyone on track as well as ensuring the visuals are carried through each of the groups.

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