CIP: Pastiche 1560 Outcome

The outcome to this project was long overdue but it took me longer than I would have planned to find an outcome I was happy enough to put onto Vimeo and Instagram.

The work of Hannah Davies embodies her love of nature and her life by the sea. With her work comprising of line art and beautiful texture I wanted to bring to life one of these elements, to show what her work would look like if it was moving image. I did this in a simplistic form, by animating the lines in her work and recreating the letterforms she produces. I was inspired by the colour of the sea in her work and with my first time creating an animation I felt that the element of water would be interesting to work with. Not because I felt I could draw the moving waves accurately but because I loved the idea of trying to represent the element through moving lines.

I think if I were to do this project again, I would print off the layers of the video and physically add in texture such as watercolour in order to further embody Hannah Davies and her style of illustration. This wouldn’t be too much more work than I have already done as it is only a case of adding the watercolour and then scanning in the sheets; I feel this would go a step further in pastiching Davies.

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