CIP: Hannah Slaney

This week we will be working with Michelle to create a series of still life photographs that will aim to represent us, our work and then could possibly be used for our Collection book.

Looking at Hannah Slaney’s work is definitely inspiration for the workshop on Thursday. She is a e-commerce (commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet), still life and interior photographer from London, she works on a range of projects from commercial to personal but I think they are all visually her style.

I really like the lighting of her work, it isn’t what I call ‘moody’, it’s crisp and commercial. In all her work the colours really pop, the photographs taken for clients are clearly taken in a studio with artificial lighting but her work that is taken outside also have that same feel, which baffles me because I can’t figure out how she takes photographs like that – is it down to the camera? Does she get lucky with the weather? Is it due to time of day?

After looking at her work I really see the importance of good photography so will try to start working my camera off of the manual setting from now on..

All images belong to Hannah Slaney and more of her work can be found on her site.

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