CIP: Photography & Still Life

Another element we have started thinking about in CIP this week is how photography and still life can be used in our collection projects.

Basically we were supposed to bring in objects that related to us and could represent both us and our work in a still life. I chose to bring in a note pad, ink (which opened up in my bag because of course it would!), some pens and brushes as well as two polaroids of my life and my soul – Buster. I felt that these items would be a good representation because I think you can see their influences within CIP, Studio and the actual Collection publication.

I can hand on heart say I’m not the most technical in photography, I’m usually a keep it on manual kind of girl. But I took auto off and tried the different settings on the camera. I chose to stay with the natural light because I like the mood that it offers; to perhaps use these photographs in my publication I would remove the background to make them sit better with the design of the book. However at this moment in time I think I am going to use the photographs on my website rather than in the Collection book.

Still Life by Hannah Phillips

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