Impression: Riso Printing Induction

For my individual response to the anthology text I aimed to print out my zine/magazine using the riso printer, one problem with this was I’ve never used the printer before! So I was not only printing my final outcome but also receiving my induction at the same time.

Riso printing is in some ways very much like screen printing, as you start with a master which creates your prints. However, it doesn’t take you a whole day to get that master to the point where you can print, with just the press of a button your master copy can create beautiful prints!

I really enjoyed using this printing method and now I have used it once I would love to experiment with what I can produce. In the future I think it would be beneficial to create a publication or print that isn’t just lines in order to work out how to line up multiple layers accurately. It would also be interesting to layer up different colours and see how that could work positively with the images that are printed.

Also, as there are only 5 colours offered by the uni further along the line I would love to go to somewhere like Hato Press and use other colours, both for studio briefs and personal projects.

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