CIP: Cover Development

The experimental lesson we had with Emily Evans to produce cover designs wasn’t something I enjoyed at the time (I get a little moody working on the spot, especially early in the morning!), but afterwards I thought about how I could use the lesson towards designing my own cover.

The first route I thought about was to create a collage that would be the main focus point of the cover. For this I printed off a texture I liked along with some drawings I did last year, I ripped these up and stuck them down and then laid some ink over the top. I felt this outcome just wasn’t going to work for the cover as it wasn’t a strong image and actually I didn’t think it represented myself and the work I had produced this year.

image1_picmonkeyed (1)
Collage Experiment | Hannah Phillips | 2017

From this first idea I really liked the idea of using the ink because once scanned in and the contrast increased, it has a beautiful soft yet crisp feel to it and I felt it was something I could use on the cover as well as the rest of the book. Using the ink I made two pages of marks which I could then scan in and manipulate for both the elements. I used one of the ink marks throughout the book on the page dividers and the summary pages as I felt this helped to tie together the inside spreads to the front and back cover; also broke up the white space with a medium that I felt represented myself and my work.

The final front and back covers are show below and I felt this outcome was simple enough to work but also looked a little messy. As well as the ink I included hand written elements as well as the studio Impression logo. Due to the logo being designed by myself for the studio and my discussion of the logo in the publication, it felt fitting to include it in the back.

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