CIP: Draft Design Feedback

During today’s lesson we had a chance to get feedback from Ricardo and everyone who was in today. I found it really useful to take a look at what other people were thinking about doing and get some crit on my own book.

I managed to get some good feedback from the session but I only had my sketchbook of page layouts and an inDesign file open on my laptop. At this point I had no cover or any idea of what images I was going to include so it was primarily feedback on the typography and layout choices. All feedback is bullet-pointed.

  • Maybe increase font size?
  • I like the type and the small size of it.
  • Maybe larger spacing between the lines of text would look good.
InDesign Draft Layout | Hannah Phillips | 2017


  • Layout looks consistent and works well.
  • Layout clean and clear.
  • Copywriting is good and grid is solid.
  • The computer vs. drawing – type might been too small on screen.

After I got my feedback I printed off the document to see if the point size was going to be an issue once physically produced and I increased the size from 9 points to 12 points. I also justified the text as I felt that made the columns of the layout a lot stronger and easier for the eye to read.

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