CIP: Hand Rendered Collection Elements

Since I’ve been at London Met I feel that I have mostly become a designer rather than illustrator (but that’s a regret for another day..) so I felt that I needed to have a drawn/hand-made element in my publication to really represent myself.

The whole design of my publication is minimal so I thought about using my own writing for the cover, page dividers and contents page. This gave me a hand rendered element which actually broke up the text so it wasn’t a book purely made up of one typeface and it represented me in a basic way. However I felt that I needed something more in the book to work alongside the text. From the workshop with Emily Evans and the idea I had for my cover design I took an ink splodge and reduced it so it would fit within my columns. Then finally I drew the elements for the Thought of the Week as I didn’t want to use someone element’s work or photographs in my portfolio book! Overall I felt that my hand rendered parts of my books helped to cement a continuity throughout and this made it seem a little more illustrative which I was happy with.

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 17.24.28
Contents Spread with Hand Rendered Header and Ink | Hannah Phillips | 2017

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