Impression: Riso Experiment Workshop

Today we completed a riso workshop where we looked at pattern and layering. Having a chance to experiment with a three layered riso print was invaluable and also gave me an opportunity to print on different coloured papers.

For the main image of my print I used a photo of my grandad but because it was an older image (2000?) it was very dark and low res so I had to change the white balance so it wouldn’t print too dark. For another layer I used sections of the photo and moved them slightly so when I printed the layer it would be offset to the photograph. Then finally I added a texture over the top in order to see how different colours overlap.


  • When placing prints back into the printer they need to be completely dry or a roller mark is left on the image.
  • Test master always came out faded, similar to a faded photograph which was really interesting.
  • I really liked printing on the green and blue papers as it already feels like you’ve printed a layer of colour without even switching on the riso printer.

To think about:

  • The main layer shouldn’t be blue or black if printing lighter layers on the top because it makes it difficult to see.

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