Impression: The Manicule

Myself and Hannah were given the task of creating the signage for the Impression studio. For my proposal for the signage I really liked the idea of using the manicule or ‘printer’s fist. This would then be placed next to the word Impression.

First I did some research into the symbol to make sure it would be appropriate.

  • Originates in scribal tradition to mark corrections or notes.
  • Used to annotate printed documents.
  • Popular in publications and directional signage,
  • Direct the reader’s attention.

I think because of the manicule’s strong link to publications it would be perfect to use with the Impression signage as we are the publication studio. As I haven’t yet had a chance to see if there is a manicule in the letterpress room I decided to lino cut and print my own. I really liked the textured print but I think that a letterpressed symbol would perhaps look stronger, or I will take my lino into the letterpress room in order to print it with the press with the aim of creating a clearer print.

Lino Cut Manicule by Hannah Phillips | 2017

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