CIP: Gum (P)up

For our last CIP brief of the year we were back in our groups from the Market Ready project, and while group projects can be a bit of a pain I’m lucky my group’s alright!

For the first project as Gum Up we produced Christmas themed produces in bubblegum colours and it was something that was never going to translate over to a Kickstarter campaign, so we had to do a little bit of brainstorming to ensure we would have something that was sellable. We were talking about products we would fund and I said as long as it was related to dogs I would fund it! That’s when Ee suggested creating matching products for dogs and their owners. These products would be stylishly designed and worth a lot more than postcards that we made in December.

From our first discussion of choosing a name we concluded we were going to be looking at producing a pin badge, dog collar, t-shirt, tote bag and bracelet design.

This is when Gum Pup was born. We haven’t changed our group name, just produced Gum Pup as an extension of the group. One of the elements we have have brought across from the Market Ready project is the idea that our products are helping a good cause. Originally we were printing with recycled papers but this time round Cameron suggested we give our profits to dog related charities which worked perfectly with our model Buster as he has walking difficulties.

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