Impression: Riso Show! Signage

I already had the idea of using a manicule with the Impression signage so the next stage was to actually come up with a type to write the work Impression with.

When I think of Impression I think about physical processes such as letterpress and lino, hence I want to include a manicule. One of my ideas was to use lino to create abstract shapes which could then be printed with the spot colours we are riso printing. However I didn’t think these abstract shapes make sense in relation to our studio.

So instead I began looking at sans-serif typefaces which were quite narrow and in fact looked quite similar to letterpress. When I showed Angharad and the studio my ideas it was suggested that I use a letterpress type rather than creating something in the style of it (and that made complete sense).

The next step for the production of my Impression signage proposal is to go into the letterpress room and find a typeface that I feel represents the studio. I will also look for a manicule and then print and scan the letterpress elements so I am able to print out some test signs with the riso.

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