Impression: Signage Development

After discussing my signage ideas with Angharad and the rest of the studio I went to the letterpress room to develop both the typography for Impression as well as the manicule that I intended on using as a directional device.

While in the letterpress room I printed a few proofs of the word Impression, this was so I was then able to scan in the print to work with digitally. After having the typography finalised I spoke to Angharad about the manicule. Originally I was going to use a manicule and pixelate it so that it was traditional but hinted at its use in the modern age, but it was suggested I should actually use the digital cursor which had its origins in the manicule. After that idea I printed a few squares using the backs of the metal type and then scanned in the squares so I could digitally create a letterpress cursor.

When I had both elements I started playing around with the layout of the signage as the pages back to back are too long for the walls; that is how I was going to have Impression laid out. I liked the idea of breaking up the word Impression to ‘Impre’ and ‘ssion’ as pictured below, so I printed a section of the words on the riso printer. The issue I had with the riso printer was the opacity of the word was at 100% so the printer was putting down way too much ink which was then causing the paper to get stuck on the roller which meant that a master couldn’t be produced. The image on the bottom right shows I had to lower the opacity to around 60% in order to print the image because it’s just such a solid area of ink!

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