Impression: Wim Crouwel

Today looked at the work of Wim Crouwel and the way he designed type and posters in order to take inspiration for the creation of the signage for the Summer Show.

I had briefly learnt about Crouwel from Finn at the start of the year when he produced a Mini-Monograph in response to Wim’s New Alphabet. This time however as a studio we watched a short film on him and his work – which I have posted below because it while only 10 minutes long was full of wise comments about design from Wim and gave insight into his thoughts behind his typography and poster design.

From watching the clip and then looking through a book of his poster designs I started thinking about elements and ideas that Crouwel uses in order to take this across to my signage design. One of the things I really found interesting about his posters was how close to the edge of the page the words are, or they’re coming off completely. I felt this was a route I could take with my signage because it is made up of 4 sheets so when they are together they look like they fill the pages fine but when separated the letters are coming off of the pages.

Unit’s TD 63-73 Showcasing Wim Crouwel’s Posters


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