CIP: Photoshoot in the Park

They say you should never work with children or animals, and I’ve always wondered who ‘they’ are.. until today. I brought my dogs Billy and Buster to the park for Gum Up’s promotional photographs and video; it started with Buster going to the toilet in my mum’s car and ended with me and the dog on the bus so you can imagine how the day progressed!

Cameron, Ee, Puro, myself and my dogs met by the park near where I live today to create some t-shirt designs and a collar design that we could model for photograph. Rather than create a t-shirt design that spread over the whole top we opted for a pocket design that would then translate onto the collar because it looked fashionable rather than a tacky design. Below is an example of the designs we came up with;  it was typical Ee and worked as a prototype to show our Kickstarter audience what we are aiming to produce.

T-Shirt Design by Ee Zin | Photography by Puro Laevuo | 2017

My main duty of the day was keeping Buster under control because every dog he saw he wanted to chase and with the little fella having a walking disability meant he kept trying to crawl away from us, or crawl over someone’s fabric while they were designing! Ee, Cameron and Puro came up with some of our prototype designs and we all really loved Cameron’s summer watermelon pattern. So I took Buster’s collar off and cut the fabric to the size and stuck it on it with double sided sticky tape; then Cameron was able to recreate the pattern on the fabric.

T-Shirt & Collar Design by Cameron Little | Photography by Puro Laevuo | 2017

The idea of the day was to record footage of both my dogs in the park however it was much colder than was expected and it was on and off spitting while we were out. Due to this we felt our time was best put to getting some really good photos of the designs on Buster in order to use these as promotional photographs to use on social media and our Kickstarter page. We also began thinking about the video and how we could record footage in the studio (so we don’t freeze to death!) and mix that in with our photographs of Buster as well as the short video of him running we took.

Collar Design by Cameron Little | Photography by Puro Laevuo | 2017

Since finishing the photoshoot in the park I was thinking that actually the footage of Buster wasn’t strong enough to use in the promo video because he isn’t galloping around. But actually one of the ideas Cameron had last week was to donate money to dog-related charities on Kickstarter, so I think in that respect it works perfectly because Buster struggles with walking and therefore would help us talk about what our Kickstarter money would go towards other than our products on offer.

Overall I’m really proud of everyone’s effort today because we got some prototypes made up and had promotional photographs taken. Actually non-related to the project I was completely in awe of Buster today because his walking was so strong and he tried so hard to move about today; considering he’s on steroids and 6 months ago the ‘specialist’ told us we would need to put him down, he did incredibly well helping the team out today!

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