Part of the Collection brief was to digitally upload our book online to and while it was a site I hadn’t used before it was really easy to navigate to look at other publications and upload my own.

Before I set about setting up my Collection publication up as a PDF to upload to the site, I browsed the magazines and books in order to get an understanding of how the website and the books worked. I found it really easy to navigate and find interesting books. I really liked how much it makes the digital files feel like physical books in the way that the page turns are animated, this means that the books represent digital publications rather than PDF files viewable online.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 19.59.27
Discover Page on

The only issue I had with issuu (it’s okay you can laugh at that beautiful pun) was the way I had set up my PDF file. Due to the way I had created it for Blurb I didn’t have the front and back covers saved to the same document so I had to add those to the main file and resave the publication in order to upload it to the site. I really love how easy to navigate the book is however the page numbers do not line up to the numbers I had put on the pages. This is something I didn’t even realise I would have to take into consideration when it came to uploading the book to a digital platform as I was so focused on producing the physical form. After uploading the book there were then similar books recommended on the right side panel which lead me to zines and other smaller low cost publications. I found that element really exciting as I love holding physical books but it’s also really fun flicking through them online, so I’m thinking about uploading other zines to the site.

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