CIP: Gum Pup Video

For me the video element of the Gum Pup video was always going to be the most challenging part of creating a Kickstarter campaign, thankfully I had teammates that seemed confident with filming and putting together an edited video.

As a group we discussed what we wanted to include: who are we, what are we making, why are we making it and why people should fund us. Once we had an outline of what we wanted we made a really simple storyboard which included an opening with our new logo, then Cameron and myself discussing the Kickstarter. The idea was to then include photographs from our photoshoot and one of the videos we took of Buster, playing over the top of us talking. So the audience is able to see two of the group but the main focus is still the product.

Before we actually filmed anything, myself, Puro and Katherine took some test footage of ourselves talking about the Kickstarter from different angles to get a feel for what would work best. As you can see, one of the options we looked at was filming from the side. Personally I felt this come across very odd as it wasn’t personal to someone watching the video at all. However I liked the front view which Puro filmed and we went on to use for the outcome because the video just looked more thought out like this.

Once Puro filmed the footage of myself and Cameron, we placed it in our Google Drive folder to share with each other. Ee, Katherine and Cameron then worked in Adobe to put the different video elements together with the promotional photographs we picked out. While I didn’t help with the video I watched the team work away and one of the things that I picked up on was that like with inDesign if you place an element into the program but then move the file to another folder on your computer the application struggles to find the video or photo element and then needs to reconnect the elements again.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.45.59

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