Impression: Signage Outcome

Choosing the colour red to print the Impression signage with was possibly the most frustrating mistake I could have made! I adore the colour when it’s printed in solid colour because it just pops but when it comes to printing solid colours the riso roller seems to hate making masters without giving me hell.

After realising that the signage wasn’t going to just work for me – it’s the end of the uni year I would have liked to have thought the world would at least try helping me out – I had to find a way of making my design print well. Since my initial designing of the signage I decided that I would stack two of the landscape A3 pages on top of the other two. This allowed the word to be spilt up and then I had to work out how to use my manicule design that I created. Originally I was going to have one big manicule that housed the letterforms but I feel this didn’t fill the page very well. Therefore I decided on a repeated pattern that would go across all four of the sheets. I printed my first tester off at an opacity of 75% as I knew at 100% I had no choice of creating a master as the ink would be too solid to print. But even reduced I still had the problem!

Taking the design back to Photoshop I then reduced the opacity to 60% and printed out the image below. This was low enough that I was able to actually use the riso printer for my signage although I found that it looked more orange or pink in the light rather than red. I had my heart set on a beautiful solid red but that wasn’t possible with the area I needed to cover which is definitely a shame. The whole experience of printing my signage really helped me to understand the riso printer and some of the limitations it has. I found that if I had created more of a lined image, such as a page of just the manicules then I could have printed a more solid colour.

Impression Signage Section (01/04) | Hannah Phillips | 2017

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