CIP: Pull-Out Risograph Map

The ‘Walks & Talks’ section of my Collection book, was never actually going to be a part of the book but rather a risograph pull out which wouldn’t ‘ruin’ my portfolio.

I aimed to produce a black and red risograph printed map but when I got into uni the riso had run out of black. Therefore I thought red and blue would work best out of the colour options; so I bought blue, pink, green and white paper to test the laying out on.

I found that because the red layer was intended to be printed black I had lowered the opacity of the sheet a little too much for the red to print clearly so the logo for Hato Press was produced only ever so slightly. However I found that it was clearer on the white sheet of paper than any of the other colours. While I only had one or two issues with the printing (lack of ink and opacity) I think if I where to print the map again then I would have created the logo elements myself and printed them at full opacity for a stronger kick but I would have changed the block coloured blue areas to a fine dotted texture. The aim of the dotted area would have been to have kept the area of ink consistent as I found that the ink looked streaky.

I think that the map is appropriate for the Collection book but I do find it a shame that it wasn’t the colours that I wanted. If I have enough time before hand in I am going to try to reprint the map with an inkjet printer on a nice paper rather than with the riso because I think the outcome in the colours I want is more important that how I produced it, ie riso or inkjet.

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