Impression: Process Layout Set Up

In order to ensure that all the process pages were consistent throughout the riso catalogue I set about setting up a template for everyone to use based on Billy’s design (it would have been super quick but he had it saved on Photoshop and not on inDesign with grids!).

The first thing I did was to open Billy’s document and lay it over the top of my inDesign page in order to work out if any of the dimensions needed to be changed. I found that because he had used Photoshop to create the design the type was extremely close to the edge of the page and in the context of a booklet would become very difficult to read. Therefore I changed Billy’s document to then sit within the margins I had set up to ensure that none of the text would become lost to the binding.

Once the margins were sorted I then started inserting placeholder text for the project number, project name and then also the body copy. After I did this I then had to work out what point sizes Billy had used – then I passed this information onto Finn so he was able to use it for the Outcome pages in order to keep some consistency.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 12.25.13 PM_picmonkeyed
Draft Process Page | Design by Billy Klofta & inDesign File by Hannah Phillips | 2017

I think this has been the main exercise that I have carried out so far where I have really had to get to grips with communication because if I wasn’t to tell other people what I had done then the pages throughout the publication would look horribly different to each other.

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