Impression: Dialogue Process Pages

After creating the templates for the process pages I then had the chance to create the process pages for the Dialogue studio. I thought it would be as simple as placing their information into the template but it really wasn’t!

First of all I loaded in the Dialogue text that had been provided by the students into the template but quickly had to change the size of the headings as I found that we had to reduce the point size so some of the other studio’s project names could fit into the design. This was a quick issue to solve but then I had to insert the project process images which would have been simple enough, however there were not enough good quality images put into the shared folder that Angharad set up. Therefore I had to search the blogs of the Dialogue studio’s students in order to find more visuals for the pages.

Once I placed all the visuals onto the document I had to work out what I would include on my two layers – the black and the blue layers. I spilt it off so all the images and the header would be blue and then the headers, text and one image would be black so that the headers and one image per page would double up. While this task wasn’t as exciting as creating signage for the riso publication it did mean that we were getting closer to put all our work together for the final printing of the Summer Show catalogue!

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 22.26.43
Process Page Two | Design by Hannah Phillips | 2017

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