CIP: Collection Publication

This morning my Collection publication was delivered to me! I had been tracking it the whole weekend, watching it move from the Czech Republic to Germany and then landing at Stansted yesterday afternoon. I panicked a little not wanting to open the package just incase something had gone wrong with my design and I needed to reprint for the hand in.

But alas, I opened the package and it was mostly what I expected and I was very happy with the publication – my only problem is I wish I had ordered more! The paper stock was what I was expecting because I had samples at home from Blurb, the only thing that threw me was the binding. I was expecting a staple bound magazine but it was perfect bound, I don’t know if I missed that from the website or it was assumed to be perfect bound. Either way I’m thankful that when I set up my book I actually left plenty of gutter space because it means none of the writing gets lost to the spine.

Pastiche 1560 Magazine Spread | Hannah Phillips | 2017

I’m really pleased with the outcome as I think the white space really makes the physical pages easier to read as it stops it becoming ‘too much’. After actually receiving the physical publication I would have really liked to have used the inside front and back covers, as this was an element I didn’t know I was able to design until it was a little too late. I think the format was also perfect for what I needed it to do, for example a hardback photobook would have lended itself to lots of images but mine was slightly text heavy. This is because rather than having photos for research, development and outcome I wrote about it in order to reduce the number of pages. Overall I’m very happy with this outcome as it looks professional and clean like a portfolio book should do.

Studio Identity Spread Design | Hannah Phillips | 2017

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