Impression: Finalising Process Pages

The aim was for us to start printing on Tuesday morning so I asked Angharad if there was anything that needed changing with my Dialogue process pages because I was eager to start riso printing as soon as possible!

After messaging Angharad I got a list of 11 points back.. admittedly I was hoping it would be a small list but they were elements that were easy enough to solve!

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 21.23.19
Feedback & Suggestions from Angharad

I decided to change the following with my finalised pages;

  • Removed the project titles from the blue layer so they would only be black.
  • Project Process Three, I changed the layout of the images in order to balance the page. Then I moved the black layered image slightly on the page so that the two layers would be off center and would look completely different to if I had just had them on top of each other.
  • All workshop headings were italicised.
  • Put a solid square behind line drawings so the lines wouldn’t get lost on the page.
  • Project Process One, I removed one of the images and increased the size of another.

All in all I think these changes helped to fill the pages more effectively through showcasing the imagery in a stronger way.

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