Impression: Summer Show Printing Outcome

Printing the Summer Show Catalogue for me was one of the most stressful tasks in the leading up to the Final Hand In. As this was a group project with so many different elements to think about: layering, the finished page designs, riso ink and how the riso lays ink down on a page.

This was the process to create 15 out of the 200 Summer Show Catalogues, and this was so each of us would have a copy of the publication to hand in for the deadline; it allowed us to pick up on any printing errors and work out the best way to print things.

Day One (Tuesday) 08:00 to 19:00 – Myself, Katherine & Puro

This was perhaps the most painful experience of my life to date. I got into uni at 8am in order to finish off my masters and then throughout the day everyone’s pages were finished and printed off for the riso printer. While we were waiting for some of the pages, Puro and I decided to start printing the signage for the publication and then start the spot colours. This was relatively straightforward but that didn’t last for long.. We came to the Impression spot colour pages which were to be red and we were getting constant issues on every print. For whatever reason we found that the red ink tended to lay more onto the page than any of the other drums. We ended up wasting a few masters to get the contrast right and in the end all the red printing ended up on the lowest settings and that still caused problems! So next time the booklets are printed the master itself needs to be changed in order to avoid the same issue. But after the long printing process we ended up with all the 32 spreads of spot colour completed.

Day Two (Thursday) 14:00 to 17:30 – Myself, Finn & Katherine

Initially day two should have been on Wednesday but alas the replacement black ink hadn’t been delivered which put the printing of the black layer was put on hold until Thursday afternoon when Emily Evans travelled to the ‘nam to collect the ink – that’s Dagenham to those who don’t travel into Zone 5 (and those who don’t want to be murdered).

The riso printer was being used by the Hothouse for a little while so before starting anything I worked out which masters needed printing or re-printing. Once the masters were sorted out and we could use the printer we began the black layers for Impression. However straight away we realised there was an issue with Billy’s Outcome Pages as it was just too small for the existing red layer so Puro opened the files up and changed the sizing so we were then able to correct the printing. Me and Finn then managed to get through the 16 spreads of black layers with no major issues. Once everything was finished we folded our own copies of the publication and we were thrilled to say the least. So we knew everyone would have a complete copy myself and Katherine put all the layers together in stacks and in order for everyone to take. While this was done all of the masters were put to one side so we could revisit them when it came to print the other copies.

Some Points Me, Finn & Katherine Picked Up On

  • All black layers can be left at 100% opacity for maximum punch.
  • The Dialogue title spot colour needs reduced opacity as it is slightly difficult to read the black text on the page at the moment.
  • Illustration credits need adding for Karl’s work.
  • Cameron’s Impression process pages need reducing in opacity because we were having trouble with the red printing as too much ink was being laid down on the drum.


While ever so slightly stressful I really enjoyed printing the catalogue because there was so much organising that needed doing in order to keep on track and not waste material – I loved working which pages needed to be printed together! As well as the organisation of the project I really enjoyed playing around with the riso printer because I feel like now I have more of an understanding about how to use it such as how some of the inks work with the masters. When it comes to printing the other 185 I think that the most important thing that needs to change is the space we have to actually print. As we were in the studio there was only one table that we could use and when it comes to printing all the sheets we really need as much room as possible in order to keep the sheets organised. It would also be useful to have two people printing and another person on the organisational/editorial role of keeping the right sheets together and organising as we go along. As there are so many sheets and it is all good quality stock each page needs to be folded individually so another little team to be doing this would save a lot of time.

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