Looking Back & Forward

138 days. That’s a fair amount of time to have a break from WordPress. I think after posting over one hundred posts at Level 5 it was definitely needed! But I’m back and these blog posts will be as regular as last year and hopefully a little better.. After all I have that final year of uni knowledge with me now.

Thinking about last year though, I’m most proud of putting together my portfolio magazine for Creative Industry Practise. It not only allowed me to showcase the work I had been working on during the year but put into practise the skills that I had been developing within the Impression Studio.

While I’m incredibly proud of my Collection portfolio, I aim to improve on my publication skills this year as part of the Ellipsis this year. Whether thats page layouts, developing my Adobe skills and bringing my graphic design skills up to a higher standard. As well as this though I want to be able to include illustration in all the projects I undertake this year as I think that’s something I’ve not been able to embrace so far at the Cass.

By the end of this year I want to have a digital portfolio as currently my online presence is my blog and Instagram. I suppose, like every year of my life, my ambition is to work out what I want to do with my life but I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one..

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