Design Competition: Summer Show Brief

I didn’t really know what to think about Design Competition to being with but after getting the brief I’m a little less wary…

The Summer Show is an integral part of your final year on your course. This brief will see you working in groups to come up with a concept for the Summer Show identity and inventive ideas to propose fundraising and sponsorships. A show identity consists of: one/ visual aesthetic/ for example, type choice, colour scheme, mark making. two/ wayfinding/ a means to direct visitors around the exhibition and provide all necessary information alongside the work. three/ promotional material/ anything needed in order to tell the public the exhibition exists. four/ system for display/ a physical method of display and curation which can use a similar design sensibility to the rest of the identity. five/ publication guide/ a publication can provide useful extra information and a giveaway to customers.


  • With this first project you will work towards a concept for the Summer Show its identity, curation, signage and the concept for its publication and fundraising elements. You will achieve an understanding of both illustration, graphic design and moving image exhibition design and curatorship. You will also be exploring how multi-disciplinary exhibitions are executed.


  • Explain/ Concepts and visual proposals which includes the five show identity concepts. Justify/ Concise business plan – costings for your proposed pitch. Explain/ Proposals for fundraising and sponsors.
  • Sketchbooks that are clearly labelled – research, development and production. Workshop outcomes clearly labeled and presented well.  A total of twelve blog posts for the project.

Project Objectives

  • Accelerator will be working with you closely to give you workshops on how to work on costings, manage budgets and fundraising all of which are work related skills that you will use once you are graduated when budgeting for clients.
  • Historically, there is £750 available for the show. This has not covered the cost of the publication or all of the production therefore sponsorship and fundraising is important for the very least just the publication. As you are exploring concepts and materials, think about companies to approach for sponsorship.

For Illustration Students

  • Explore different techniques and ways of exhibiting illustrative work as well as graphic design work. Use illustration as a research tool to capture and document your ideas and visualise elements for your pitch. Think about how visual language can be used in different contexts. Develop a personal approach to working alongside others as a part of a collective.

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