Ellipsis: Material Process Print Brief

Our first brief in the Ellipsis studio is part individual and part group based and I can’t wait to get stuck into producing my printed pages!

This project is all about getting your hands dirty, pushing the boundaries of your creativity and experimenting with the materials and processes used in publication design and making. By researching and experimenting, discover and communicate your own passions for materials, process and print. You will research print culture by exploring and analysing its practitioners, equipment, tools, approaches and outcomes, past and present. You will document your discoveries and develop a sequence of visual and physical responses from the material you have collected. From this, you will each develop a set of finished prints. This will be collated to form a final designed, illustrated and bound book reflecting the studio’s collective love of print. You will create your own cover for your copy of the book, and also propose divider pages to be used by the whole group.


  • You will research and physically explore a range of papers, print techniques and processes. Your five pages should physically demonstrate the outcome of your research and showcase the most innovative, technically refined and visually stimulating properties of print and paper. The finished book should be a bible of beautiful materials and processes, showcasing the research interests and technical abilities of the studio as a whole.


  • Produce five highly finished prints, each as an edition of 25 (a total of 125 prints). These can be any size and use any technique as long as they can be bound inside an A4 format.
  • Each page must demonstrate your research into your chosen theme. You might use a range of materials or processes, or explore your theme using one material or one process.
  • Each student will also propose a design for the divider pages that seperate each student’s work. As before, these can be any size and format as long as they can be bound into the A4 book, but must be printable on Risograph using a single colour.
  • You will also create a cover for your copy of the book and must include: a title, the Ellipsis studio logo, the Cass Press logo, the Cass logo and the London Met logo, and some blurb. The final book will be spiral bound, A4 using the Renz 360.
  • Sketchbooks that are clearly labelled – research, development and production. Workshop outcomes clearly labeled and presented well.  Two blog posts per week for the duration of the project.

Project Objectives

  • one/ research (weeks 1-5) During this stage you will explore the research themes, develop a research question and refine your research.
  • two/ development (weeks 6-8) Following your research you will test and refine your individual concept and work towards production.
  • three/ production (weeks 9-11) You will complete production of your prints and then as a group collate and bind everyone’s pages.

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