Design Competition: Mark Making

First workshop of Design Competition was with Regular Practice to create marks. These spontaneous methods with random tools aimed to help us think outside the box when it then comes to generating ideas for the Summer Show.

Each table in the studio was set up as a station with one tool; we had 3-5 different ways of using the tool as mentioned below.

  • Pencils Taped Together: opposite hands, 3 strokes, draw inverse, just draw
  • Long Twig: 5 strokes, just draw, opposite hands
  • Fork: opposite hands, draw a section of one of your previous drawings, just draw, 5 continuous strokes
  • Brushes: description drawing, opposite hands, just draw
  • Charcoal: description drawing, no taking your hand off the paper, just draw, simplify one of your previous drawings
  •  Scrunched Up Paper: draw inverse, description drawing, just draw
Fork / Just Draw | 2017 | Hannah Phillips

Overall I think this exercise was a good way of getting out of my comfortzone and be less precious with producing an image. I think what I have taken most out of this session is the generation of quick ideas, whether you get an outcome that you deem successful is another matter. But there are plenty of ideas that can then be developed from this quick method; I think this is sometimes my downfall that I can spend ages on one idea and then have tunnel vision…

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