Ellipsis: Innovative Print

Brief number one of the year has our studio looking at papers and processes used in print. For my first stage of research I have been thinking back to interesting and innovative books and publications that I looked at over the course of last year that I find relevant for this project.

I have selected issue 008 of People of Print’s Posterzine to analyse. I bought this publication last year at MagCulture and this issue admires the trippy work of illustrator Rob Corradetti aka Killer Acid. I have chosen this as a publication which I find interesting because of the posterzine format. Each issue of the magazine is made up of one sheet of A1 paper folded down to A4 and consists of one full size poster as well as the article.

One of my favourite features of the publication is the back which lists everything that has gone into the design. For example the paper stock, pantones and typefaces used. I think I like this element so much because it’s so simple but helps you really understand the process behind making the issue.

People of Print’s Posterzine 008

When it comes to considering this issue of Posterzine as inspiration towards my own experimentation for this project, I really want to think about how I can fold paper down and still bind it with the rest of the studio’s work. I think that will be something difficult to work out due to the group book of prints being spiral bound. However if I could get it right I have the option of having an incredibly tangible set of pages in the book which encourage the reader to feel the textures of the paper and see the print in a completely different way.

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