Ellipsis: National Theatre Poster Exhibition

The second visit of the day was to the National Theatre to see their poster exhibition. I fell in love with the show. From the curation of the room, the colour scheme of the exhibition and the beautiful posters on display!

It gave me so much inspiration for Design Competition even if it was a studio visit! But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t see the benefits of having seen this for the Material Process Print also.

An exhibition curated by design critic and writer Rick Poynor, exploring poster design from 1963 to the present. From 1963 to the present day, each art director led the theatre’s graphic design studio in creating images for posters, programmes and now digital artwork. The exhibition features posters designed by Ken Briggs, Richard Bird, Michael Mayhew, Charlotte Wilkinson and current Creative Director Ollie Winser and the Graphic Design team. -NT

Each section of the room showed one of the in house art directors ‘era’ of poster design. Stylistically, each of these decades were completely different to each other but some elements meant they were all still consistent and recognisable as National THeatre posters. From the exhibition I’ve seen that I need to find a way of keeping the voice in my prints consistent.

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