Design Competition: Typographic Posters

This week was our second session with Regular Practice and it was an extension of the marking making workshop. With the work we produced we were to add typography to the sheets in order to make them into show posters.

Honestly, I adored this workshop because even if I didn’t produce anything ‘Summer Show’ ready, it’s made me think a lot about producing posters and illustration/type cobos in an analogue way. Using type on both paper and acetate we were able to layer up the information over and around the marks that had been produced. I have included a few of my posters that included the technique’s Regular Practice had us think about when producing posters.

  • (Left): This was more a simple bit of play than actually using the ideas given by Regular Practice. I think for the purpose of the workshop it needed to have been pushed further but if it was a poster for something for the Cass then the right hand corner would be perfect for the London Met logo; that would balance the page.
  • (Middle): Regular Practice showed us the idea of ‘activating corners’ which was essentially using elements in the corner of the poster to balance out the page.
  • (Right): Using * as a ‘sprinkle’ to fill in some of the white space in order to find balance.

Once I had taken photos of my different ideas I then went to take them all over to the scanner and get a more finished product. But… I really needed blue tac to keep everything in place because the time I got over there the letters were everywhere! So, I decided to place the letters straight onto the copier and try making a poster that way. I actually really liked the outcome I achieved with this method – a really messy, raw kind of collage? I’m not sure if this method will come in useful for this project at this moment in time, but I did enjoy it and will maybe look into exhibition designs or studios who have created identities in this way before.

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