Ellipsis: Print Reviewing

In small groups we looked at each other’s responses to the Paper to the Power of Five and Print to the Power of Five tasks; it was really insightful to see everyone else’s thoughts and processes.

First up we looked at Vivienne’s prints, and she had used monoprinting to print both images and text. I really loved the outcomes she had produced, for example the text was completely illegible due to being back to front from the printing method. I think what made Vivienne’s prints so characteristic was the layering of the papers with the ink.

Mono Printing | 2017 | Vivienne Mahon

After this Sam showed us her lino prints and I found the outcomes interesting because they were so different from my own lino prints. One of the materials that Sam used was a plastic coated paper and the ink that she used stayed on the sheet perfectly which I was surprised about because the acetate that I printed on wouldn’t dry at all…

Lino Print | 2017 | Samantha Friend

Finally we looked at Caleb’s pieces; he had used stamps to create his images. What I liked about these prints were how easily these could have been riso prints due to the colour schemes. Also made me think about how I could push my lino cuts further with more than one colour per print. I now want to push my research further into lino cutting because up until this point I’ve only printed in one solid colour.

Stamping | 2017 | Caleb James

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