Design Competition: (Sign) Language

During my research into aesthetics for Design Competition I was looking at things I liked and while my Pinterest board was getting really full, I didn’t feel like it was very useful. So I had a look over at the brief again and remembered that ‘language’ was a theme.

I was thinking about language and it took me to the written language and how different characters and symbols are represented. I thought this done wrong could be really cheesy and rather than risk that I thought about other ways we visualise language.

Hands. We use our hands to communicate not only body language but also letters and language in the form of sign language. Looking at this there’s a hand movement for each letter of the alphabet as well as hand signs we recognise for direction. With this idea I thought about how hands could be used as graphic and illustrative symbols, for wayfinding and also to hold things in the exhibition.

With this idea in mind though I looked into the wooden mannequin hands to get an idea on price as I liked the idea of them holding screens which had the digital studio’s work on. Alas they’re like £15 a hand, but this made me look into casting our hands and I think this would be a cool look as you can cast whatever hand movement, they can be spray painted our colour scheme and it’s something a bit different.

Showing this to the group they liked the idea because it’s universal and the symbols of hands can be used across all forms of promotion for the show as well as at the show.

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