Design Competition: Fundraising

Personally I’ve been finding the fundraising element of the Summer Show proposal the hardest element to think about. So rather than give any one person the task of coming up with how we were going to do that we brainstormed ideas as a group.

First of all we did a quick brainstorm which included some of the following ideas:

  • Keep under budget and get freebies so we don’t need to fundraise! We can dream…
  • Print sale in the university – but this leaves us limited to students at Calcutta only.
  • Selling designs on Society6? Whilst it means we don’t have to put any money down the items on there can be expensive and we’d have to sell a lot in order to make anything substantial.
  • Selling printed products on Etsy means we can sell things at whatever price we choose but have to cover postage and packaging costs.

As a group we decided that Etsy would be a good route for us to go down because everyone in Vis Com can supply their extra prints they’ve produced through the year and it promotes them to a large audience. Basically the only charge we would have to think about is the packaging as I can get all our postage sent off for free.

I think this is a good method of fundraising and promotion all wrapped up into one. It enables us to raise money, and promote both the Summer Show and students work, therefore I think that most people will be willing to supply plenty of work or only receive the money to cover the cost of printing.

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