Design Competition: Wayfinding

There has been an obvious trend to use coloured tapes as a method of wayfinding for this project due to the number of colours that are available and the low cost. In our group we didn’t see a need to have 4-6 different colours running about the university as the studios are all located in the same area so we decided to source a simpler method for wayfinding.

We decided quite quickly on the idea of circular stickers as they would fit into our theme and we could find a number of different colours on First up we looked at blue circles which would cost us £88 for 8,000 but this would limit us to one colour which means they’d only have one use; 8,000 is an awful lot of stickers when we’re not going to be placing them on all 5 levels of the building!

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 17.03.55 | 2017

Instead, we started looking at white circles. The blue were produced in rolls while these white ones were on sheets which means that we could put them through the printer; the sheets worked out cheap at £23 for 1600 circles and they could be more multifunctional as we could use them for wayfinding and as labels to go alongside student work. And I know I said we weren’t too bothered about having different colours for each studio but placing them in the printer means that we have that option of using our CMYK colour scheme.

I think that keeping our theme in mind when coming up with wayfinding ideas really helped us to cement a solid identity. Maybe if we’d looked at more of what’s popular and trendy at the moment with the tape idea we could have created something a little disjointed, so I’m really pleased with our group for really carrying through the initial vision.

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